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INTEGRA Biosciences AG
INTEGRA Biosciences AG
INTEGRA Biosciences AG
 地址 Tardisstrasse 201,CH-7205 Zizers,Switzerland   
 电话/手机 +41 81 2ag集团最新首页 95 30 
 传真 +41 (0)81 2ag集团最新首页 95 33
 邮箱 info@integra-biosciences.com
 官网 http://www.integra-biosciences.com
 点击次数 58482
 本半年点击数 5118
 产品 INTEGRA Biosciences AG共有30条产品信息
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瑞士INTEGRA Biosciences 中国分公司
普瑞塞斯生物科技(上海)有限公司/ INTEGRA Biosciences (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
上海市自由贸易试验区环科路515号 1110室   邮编: 201315
电话: 021 5844 7203, 138 1688 4410 张女士        
E-mail: info-cn@integra-biosciences.com
Web: www.integra-biosciences.com


INTEGRA( www.integra-biosciences.com )是高品质液体处理、培养基制备、消毒和细胞培养类实验室工具的领先供应商。公司致力于为生命科学领域的科研、质量控制用户提供创新的实验室解决方案。INTEGRA创新的实验室产品被广泛应用于全世界的实验室。INTEGRA的ag集团最新首页销售网络由90多个独家、高效的分销合作伙伴构成,旨在为ag集团最新首页用户提供快捷、持续完善的服务体系。 INTEGRA 公司分别在瑞士齐策斯(Zizers)市公司总部ag集团最新首页国新罕布什尔州哈得逊(Hudson)市分部设立经验丰富的专家团队,为ag集团最新首页销售网络提供强而有力的支持。 INTEGRA是一家通过ISO9001认证的公司。
INTEGRA is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling and media preparation. We are committed to fulfill the needs of our customers in research and quality control within the life science industry.
Our worldwide known products include the VIAFLO and VOYAGER Electronic Pipettes, PIPETBOY Serologic Pipettors, VACUSAFE and VACUSIP Aspiration Systems, DOSE IT Peristaltic Pumps, FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burners, MEDIACLAVE and MEDIAJET Media Preparation Equipment and VIAFILL Reagent Dispensers. Visit www.integra-biosciences.com to see our new EVOLVE manual pipettes with its unique quick volume set feature.
INTEGRA is headquartered in Zizers, Switzerland and Hudson NH, USA maintaining a direct sales organization in the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a worldwide network of over 100 highly trained international distribution partners.


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